The Worship Leader

I was thinking about the times that we’re in. I know that we are not to be dictated to by what goes on in the news, but it does give you a sense of where we are in the scheme of “the big picture”. The Bible gives us a timeline of how things will play out until Jesus comes back for the church and it is the job of the enemy to distract believers (and the world for that matter) from that timeline. This is where the church comes in. In 1 Chronicles 12: 32 states that the sons of Issachar were able to discern the times. That is the role that we have to assume in the world today. As the times wax darker and darker, the world is looking for the light to lead them to safety. How can we lead them if we have not acquainted ourselves with “The Light”? This is where your worship comes in. If we are going to effectively guide the world to safety we have to be consistently close to the Lord so that He can convey to us the secrets of the times and subsequently be able to convey them to the world. The world is depending on the worshipper to be the compass to safety. Lead them safely to shore!

“See Him Everywhere”


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